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Brendan A. Fay

I was born January 12, 1989 at noon into a family of two brothers and later a little sister.  I am 50% Irish, 25% Italian, and 25% Pennsylvania Dutch.  At four years old, I attended Saint Andrew's Preschool in Warminster, PA.  I later entered Nativity of Our Lord Parish and School for grades K-8.  Once I graduated from Nativity, I went across the street to Archbishop Wood High School for attendance in grades 9-12.  I participated in the B.S.A. on the Cub Scout and Boy Scout Level from 1996- 2003.  I was a member of Pack 238 and later Pack 8 both chartered out of Warminster, PA.  I later "crossed over" to the Boy Scouts of America and joined Troop 139 chartered out of United Church of Christ in Warminster, PA until my Junior year in High School.  I earned the rank of Eagle Scout with a silver, gold, and bronze palm in addition to over 60 merit badges.  I was voted into the Order of the Arrow (National Honor Society of Scouting) and earned the rank of Brotherhood after Ordeal.  During my High School tenure, I joined the local Hartsville Volunteer Fire Company (HVFC), where I rose through the ranks from Cadet to Senior Firefighter.  After seeing the need for more EMS personnel by the community, I joined the Warrington Community Ambulance Corps (WCAC) in Warrington, PA.  I am still a member of both organizations to date.  Toward the end of my term at Archbishop Wood, after an unsuccessful bid for class President (lost by five votes), I was featured in a Channel 6 News Report because I had perfect attendance for fourteen years (check out my favorite links page for the full story)!  Upon graduation, I enrolled at Pennsylvania State University, to earn a Chemical Engineering degree.  After Christmas break during my freshman year, I joined a Bioengineering research team in the Hallowell Building on-campus for nueroprosthesis research under Dr. Ryan S. Clement.  After achieving the Dean's List in a successful first year at Penn State, I discovered that it was not the most fitting University for me.  I filed a transfer application to the University of Notre Dame and was accepted on May 31, 2008 with a partial scholarship.  Currently, I am still involved with the HVFC and WCAC.  I am looking forward to future research opportunities at Notre Dame and a successful future.


Here's a list of my favorite movies:

A Beautiful Mind, Boondock Saints, Bourne Series, Gettysburg, Good Will Hunting, Live Free or Die Hard Series, Lord of The Rings Trilogy, October Sky, Saving Private Ryan, Star Wars Series, and The Kingdom

Here's a list of my favorite music:

Creed, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers