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Past and Future Courses

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Past and Future Courses
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Brendan A. Fay

This is a list of courses I anticipate to take as well as those I have already taken.  The list begins with my current semester, so the most relevant courses appear near the top of the page.

Courses I'm Considering For The Future

Spring 2011***

***Graduation May 2011***

Fall 2010***

Spring 2010***

Fall 2009***

Spring 2009***

Fall 2008***

Summer 2008**

PHYS 212 - Electricity and Magnetism

Spring 2008*

CHEM 112 - Chemical Principles II

EDSGN 100H - Introduction to Engineering Design Honors

MATH 141 - Calculus with Analytical Geometry II

ENGL 015 - Rhetoric and Composition

PHYS 211 - Mechanics

Fall 2007*

RLST 001 - World Religions

MATH 140 - Calculus with Analytical Geometry I

CHEM 110 - Chemical Principles I

CHEM 111 - Experimental Chemistry I

BIOE 100S - Bioengineering Seminar

ECON 004 - Macroeconomics Analysis 


* Semester taken at Pennsylvania State University - University Park

**Semester taken at Pennsylvania State University - Abington College

***Semester taken at The University of Notre Dame